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Wayside training Usk Monmouthshire           

Our courses are usually based at the Usk community education centre which is the new library. The courses start at around 18:30 for about 2 hours  and  last for 20 weeks.

The cost is £300 which includes the RYA  required documents  describing the RYA virtual world 

  • Almanac including tidal streams, tidal highs and descriptions of the ports plus a day skipper or coastal skipper hand book.
  • RYA Charts.
  • Software download for the RYA training plotter.
  • The course work books which is basically the home work after each lesson.
  • The exam papers which are usually marked on the day.  There is a 95% pass rate, in a small number of cases exams are repeated.
  • Additional items will be required such as 2b pencil, rubber, dividers and portland  plotter:  all available at discount price from the RYA and available on first day of class. approx £20.
  • Additional items can be purchased such as book of navigation, rule of the road etc.

    breton      cs    allm  ds     Seamans guide rules of road

Your instructor Steve has many years and thousands of sea miles and of course qualified by the RYA

For more information  email    rya@reed-wayside.co.uk  rya@reed-wayside.co.uk

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